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Default Re: Lay off EuroLeague for a bit.

Originally Posted by Chapallaz
People are now doubting whether players like playing for a team like Panathinaikos more than for teams like the Bucks and Raps.


The Raps and Panathinaikos both have exactly the same attendance #'s. There's 5,000 less people watching Bucks games on average at their home games. Also, the Greek (and Balkan) fans are known to be crazy...

This is a Panathinaikos vs Barca game:

Bucks when they make the playoffs:

Gimme being on the court at game #1 at all times. People on here underestimate how crazy it gets at basketball games in certain European countries. EuroLeague trolls at times, but he's right: the Euroleague is a great league. The Euroleague games are just as fun to watch as most NBA games. And the athomspehere at those games, beats ANY NBA arena.

Of course, the game is different, the style of play is different. But NMBA players are not perse >>> EuroLeague players or vice versa. It's almost like comparing NFL to Aussie Football.

Enjoy both games.

That's all.
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