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Default Re: Lopez out vs. Warriors, maybe longer

Originally Posted by gigantes
i'm glad you posted something i could emphatically agree with.

one thing i will say about bropez- he may not be a superstar or even a star C (yet), but you can see the domino effect that his absence creates. the offense becomes a little less reliable, the defense a little less stable, and the 2nd team becomes less potent without blatche to bring off the bench.

the nets may still be a very good team when all is said and done, but this adds to the idea that their margins are pretty thin in most areas. the difference between success and failure may be very tight for this team, which means that injuries at certain positions will just kill us.

Oh hey, are you trying to imply that you never agreed with my point before? That makes me feel really bad buddy. XD

And yeah, this team cannot be way too dependent on any players, not even Deron. Brook Lopez has played great, but honestly Blatche is doing a nice job too as starting center. I have no idea why they are saying it is because of Brook Lopez missing games that the Nets lost, more like the backcourt still havent found their shots.
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