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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
Eh, i don't really bother with Smith not making the playoffs the first 3 years, he was coming out of highschool (Blake played 2 years in college i think) and if i remember correctly he was going to a pretty bad team.He also made the playoffs at the same age that blake griffin made his first playoffs appearance (22) You're other points on smith i'll give you that, he hasn't been shit in the playoffs though, slightly lower rebound numbers and scoring, however if he was playing alongside a pas first point guard instead of a shoot first shoot second sg those numbers might change a little.

Is the bold your only reasons for why you think building around griffin is better than bulding around cp3 to win titles asap?

I have never stated that Clippers would be better off winning titles with Blake over Paul. In fact, I believe I have been the most critical of any of the regular Clipper fans on Blake on this forum. When I did a mock for the 09 draft, I believe, I wanted Greg Monroe over Blake Griffin due to the fact I thought, at that point, that Blake got buy in college due to his strength and athleticism and did not believe it would translate well into the pros. But I was totally incorrect on that aspect as Blake has shown he has high IQ and is as big a workhorse as Elton Brand was reported to be and is improving his weakest areas, such as his defense and jumper. Just needs the confidence now.

I just don't believe that trading Griffin would get the Clippers closer to the promised land unless they get someone LeBron or totally rape the other side.
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