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Default Re: Colangelo Says Raptors' Play is "Embarrassing"

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Second time I've heard something about Colangelo saying something about Casey but haven't been able to find a link. Can anyone help?


Referenced here:

Colangelo, meanwhile, is dancing as fast as he can, and spent the weekend on an all-out media blitz. He said the record “is not a talent issue,” which shifted the blame directly onto coach Dwane Casey. Colangelo blamed “a lack of focus” and “attention to detail.” He called the situation “unacceptable.” When I asked him directly on TSN 1050 Monday whether Casey’s job was in jeopardy, Colangelo said, “No. A change at the top in terms of coaching has not been contemplated at all to date. We think he’s earned the right to see this thing through.”

There are those who insist Casey’s status has been discussed, including sources within the organization, but Colangelo flatly and unequivocally denies it. Regardless, something needs to change. It seems unlikely that Casey lost his ability to coach one season after somehow dragging this team to eighth in the NBA in field-goal percentage allowed — which, in a historical context for this franchise, is a little like teaching a horse to change a tire — so the roster is the next step.
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