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Default Re: week 14 game thread and discussion

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Texans blow.

Assuming Houston and Atlanta hold on to the #1 seed, both aren't winning more than a game in the playoffs. If that.

Problem is that both Houston and Atlanta have peaked.. When teams start off so hot they are bound to cool off and eventually regress during the latter part of the year and that obviously isn't a good thing heading into the postseason. It's no surprise that the team who gets hot at the end of the year and pull of winning 4 or 5 in a row usually plays well in the postseason.

But to say they'll lose is misleading. They're both going to be playing at home and I don't see Houston losing their first match due to the fact they have a good defense(not for this game) and play a style that does well in the postseason.

But for Atlanta I'm not sold. Especially with how tough the NFC is atm, San Fran, Green Bay, Chicago and even Seattle can easily beat them in their turf..
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