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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
Don't underestimate the Warriors, they're very good this year. When Bogut comes back healthy and fully integrates within their offense they'll be making serious noise in the western conference. Kudos to Mark Jackson.

Pace of the game decided tonight's game obviously. GS is a fast running team, and BK is the slowest, and we played right into their hands. Transition defense was abysmal, and not having Brook is no excuse because he isn't fast enough to get back anyway. But then again if he was playing Avery might've been more inclined to go slower so..

Anyway Avery Johnson has proved again and again how he is incapable of coaching this team. Its time to dismiss him, before it is too late and we end up wasting an entire season. If Deron can put his ego away, we may end up getting Jerry Sloan, which is just so much of an upgrade over Avery I-dont-know-how-to-coach Johnson.
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