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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
beyond ruining every clippers thread he turns once good posters like brandonislegend and xioa xiao into worst of the forum level trolls.

also off topic but why do you always post like two-three sentences per paragraph?

Wait I'm to blame for making posters troll? same can be said for me right? Most used to think I was at least a decent poster and most now think I'm a troll. I was instigated and attacked FAR more than Xiao or Brandon to where I think me lashing out is a bit more justified. I had/have entire troll posses of 15 people following me around just to bait me and attack me personally.

I can understand if I always talked trash on a personal level about you guys but this is just because I annoy you or make homer posts. I've already said a hundred times I'd happily make peace with any of you guys who dislike me because quite frankly none of these arguments mean shit to me. I'm here to talk ball and like doing so.
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