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Originally Posted by Derka
Pain is losing in Game 7 in 2010] to the Lakers. The Heat are just better than the Celtics. There's no shame in losing to a better team two years in a row.

That doesn't change the fact that the bandwagon around here rode Paul, Ray and KG into the ground mercilessly after both series and then 180'd when Ray put the Heat jersey on. Which is fine...that's what bandwagon fans do.
Thats what any fan does dumb ass. Lebron was a god in Cleveland, now every one hates him. Does that make all Cavs fans bandwagoners? I hate Rondo but if he where on the Heat I'd come around to liking him. That's just how it is. If talking trash about other team's fans makes you feel better about you mediocre team, then go ahead.
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