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Default Re: Celtics are just taking it easy for now

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
But the Celtics have to be careful about asking him to do too much. Back in '09 he had his first career-changing injury, losing a lot of the explosion he had when he was younger and starting his decline. You don't want to overuse him in the regular season and then lose him or get a more limited version in the playoffs. For the last few years the Celtic strategy has been to preserve Garnett and if that means you're not the top seed then so be it. NY and NJ may have finally made themselves into Atlantic Dision threats so the Cs may not be able to do this and get a high seed but it's still better than acting like Garnett is the 20/10/5 MVP he was in Minnie and losing him for the playoffs.

I get that. He most certainly lost explosiveness and that injury is where his prime was cut. But even tho he's no longer as dominant or as great, the question should is he any less durable?

If Rivers wants to preserve Garnett, then the way to do it is not to limit his involvement or his role throughout the season, but to limit his minutes. That's what depth is for. I think it's impossible to use him one way throughout the regular season and then another come the playoffs.
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