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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by Micku
3. I never said that Wade was the better shooter, because you have to take into account the the 3pt shooting and FTs too. Wade sucks at the 3pt shot while T-Mac was much better. And T-Mac was a bit better with FTs. However, you can be very good at the mid-range game, but not be a good 3pt shooter.

Some players have good years at certain areas, but won't be as good at it in other years. This was the case with Wade. He was very good that year, but never been as good since. And since this is about peak Wade vs peak T-mac, then you have to mention his mid-range j. Just like if you mention peak Kobe, or peak Dirk, or Duncan. They did things much better in their peaks than later on their careers like you mention. In Wade's case it was his mid-range game. I see nothing wrong or flawed about it.
Wade just wasn't as good of a mid range shooter, plain and simple. He shot a better % because of the fact that he's one of the greatest slashers ever and gets a lot of room for those shots. I never said he didn't shoot pretty well that season, but if teams had played him the same way they did TMac, he wouldn't have shot that well from that area.
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