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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by plowking
Nah. Tracy used to dribble the ball much higher, and was never as proficient as pulling off moves like Wade. I've seen Wade split double teams going through his legs, behind his back, etc. McGrady was never pulling that shit off.
Nope ... try again, kiddo.

Your homerism knows no bounds though, does it? You can't admit you might be tad biased or having an agenda here?

T-Mac didn't dribble the ball much higher. Stop talking like you know what you're talking about. You probably weren't even a fan at the time, your baby nuts were in Australia watching rugby with your father.

I've seen McGrady split doubles too, so please just don't. They both have handle. To even act like Wade is a tier above is beyond ridiculous.

Wade's signature move isn't even the crossover, it's the pull back between the legs after the crossover. You don't even know your favorite player's most devastating move.

I don't expect then in turn for you to know what you're talking about in regards to McGrady. Or anyone else for that matter.

Watch and learn ...

Where is he dribbling high in that clip? In fact, he's dribbling extremely low. Especially considering Wade is closer to the ground at 6'3 / 6'4 and Mac is in the 6'8 / 6'9 border line 6'10 range given his length.

It's more than obvious in regards to this conversation a) you have an agenda, b) you don't know what you're talking about and c) you have a Wade jersey on right now.

Stop being a kum dump for Miami Heat basketball, and be objective.

Wade and Mac on the same level of elite ball handling skills. Both are superstars that saw constant double teams and still used their handle to create for themselves and their teammates.

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