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Default Re: Michael Jordan's Best Moves (by Hanamichi)

Jordan Was So Much A Better Athleate to Kobe Its Not Even Funny: Jordan was Stronger, Faster, Quicker, Higher Leaper, More Agil, Longer Hang Time, More Explosive, Bigger Hands and Superior Power its Not Even Close.

Kobe Does Jordan Moves Slower (like Slow Motion) and With No Handchecking or Big Men Camping in the Lane.

Kobe is an Inferior Player to Jordan in Every Aspect but Pure Shooting or Streak Shooting. Jordan Was the Better Athleate, The Better Mid Range Post Player, The Better Rim Attacker, The Better Open Court Player, The Better Passer, The Better Rebounder and A REAL LOCK DOWN DEFENDER with very Low Defensive Rating and Top 35 in DWS.

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