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Default Re: Michael Jordan's Best Moves (by Hanamichi)

Originally Posted by TheMan
Why is it that in every MJ thread, Kobe's name has to come up

MJ is a consensus GOAT, Kobe might crack the all-time top 10 at the end of his career and already LBJ will pass him up...

Might crack the top 10? Really? Who edges him out, Oscar Rob? Not saying there's not a legitimate argument behind it but just asking. Haven't seen the old "Kobe's not even top 10!" argument since around 08-09. Well maybe I have, but I usually don't pay much attention to it. I don't see how anyone could rank Kobe outside the top 10. Is it because he shot 45% his whole career? Is it because he's "an overrated chucker?"

And RoundMound, had to sneak a little Kobe jab in there huh?

Besides all of that, this is a great share. To be that athletically gifted and skilled is one hell of a blessing. Getting beat up on the perimeter and completely dominating all competition, a true competitor with a heart of a lion. When you watch clips of Michael, there is no doubt in your mind that he's the GOAT. Footwork, Body-Control, Post-game, midrange, etc. Michael gave you everything. Great clips man, great clips.
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