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Default Re: on ball perimeter defense: the most unappreciated aspect of basketball stat geeks

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
Kobe's defense has been incredibly inconsistent since 2009. It reached liability standards in 2011 though.
His defense was pretty bad in his two high scoring seasons (2006 and 2007) Kobe stans always forget that fact.

He put in quality effort in 2008, and the results shows. He echoed his defensive abilities from 2000, 2001, and 2002 in that season.

2009 and 2010, he did it when he wanted to ... not consistently, but when he was focused he could lock people up.

See his series changing defense on Westbrook in the 2010 playoffs, when Russ had OKC on the verge of an upset given how he was abusing Fisher.

2011 on he hasn't been much of a defender, period. Even in the Olympics, without having to score or playmake, he wasn't much of a defender either.
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