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Default Re: Kevin Love summary....

Originally Posted by bagelred
I see. Makes sense.

What you are saying is Love needs to be surrounded with players who help WIN games, as opposed to Love who DOESN'T helps teams win games. I totally get it. If Love is surrounded by players who help you win games, the TWolves therefore would get more wins.

When Rubio comes back, Love will look MUCH better, because Rubio is someone that can help win you games. It's clear to me now.

I'm glad it's clear to you now. What player before Rubio has Love played with who is decent? Let's see, LeBron leaves Cleveland to play with guys who make him look much better, Bosh leave s Toronto to play with guys who can win but it's ok for them. Meanwhile, Love has been put on teams w who? Johnnie Flynn? Yeah, he's a bona fide winner. Your logic is awesome. So what you're saying is every good player should show up to any team regardless of who is on the team and turn them into a winner, otherwise they are just padding their stats. K gotcha. However, when a player you like is on a team and they don't do well it's because the coach isn't adjusting his system to fit the player. K now I understand.
Afterall, you only need one player for a team to be a winner. I mean AI singlehandedly took the Sixers to the finals. It's not like he was on a team w DPOY or the SMOY. If he was they would have surely won. Because winning a championship has to be the metric by which all players are measured. That must be why everyone on this board thinks AI wasn't any good. Because he never won it all.

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