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Default Re: Kevin Love summary....

Originally Posted by bagelred
Who said Love is "turrible". There's a lot of middle ground between superstar and "turrible". Wouldn't you say?

I don't think "superstars" let their teams collect .269 percentage into their 5th year. But hey....that's just me. Some superstars lead teams to losses.......I suppose. It's a skill to not accept blame for anything.........

Problem is, people are putting the onus on Love.....despite his teams being shitty. He's not a superstar. Never has been. Dude is an allstar though and impacts the game in a number of ways.

Now w/ Adelman at the helm and Rubio coming back shortly (or so to be rumored), there are no excuses. As constructed, Minny should be postseason-ready.
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