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Default Re: Kevin Love summary....

Originally Posted by chocolatethunder
He wasn't too sporty his second year either. Please tell me about all the talent and all the great coaching that Love has had since he's been in Minnesota? (current team and coach not included)

And there have been plenty of players who get their dick sucked by everyone on ish who are on shitty teams. Funny thing is, they're never white. All this BS about Love is just like it is for Dirk and Nash. It's because they're white. Just like black QBs in the NFL get shit on. In the NBA it's always "they don't play defense", even after Dirk became a totally decent defender people still said that bs. Of course there are plenty of black stars who don't play defense (Iverson being one of them, but don't gimme his steals. He gambled way too much on D and was terrible one on one). The "empty stats" with Love is just hilarious. The dude is a stud. He may not be the best PF in the game and may not be killer in the post but he gets it done. Watch the games. He can ****ing rebound with anyone and that is a hard stat to fake. He has excellent timing and knows how to play. I'm sorry that he's white and doesn't jump high and talk like a moron and wear glasses with no lenses in them but hey, he's a good player.

Are you in your late 50's or early 60's?

Nash was severely overrated in this forum back in 2007. The Nash Era Suns team was a very exciting team in the regular season, but they always failed in the playoffs.

Love is a good player, but he is not a winner. If he's black he will just get the same treatment as Prime Shareef Abdur Rahim. Dirk is a better player than these 2 guys. He already won an NBA title at age 33.

Allen Iverson is Hated by the media, and David Stern, but this guy led his team into the finals.. Nobody hates Love because he's white. He's putting up good numbers, but he cannot carry his team into the post season.

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