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Default Re: Is the Blazers bench the worst in the NBA?

Originally Posted by KG215
Yeah, when they played OKC and didn't have Zeller coming off the bench, their back-up bigs that logged minutes were Jon Leuer and Samardo Samuels; two players that have no business being a part of any 8-10 man rotation. Neither do Donald Sloan and Omri Casspi; and if Gibson isn't on, he's useless. Zeller and Gibson is a good start for the bench (unless Varejao gets traded moving Zeler into the starting lineup) but the rest of the bench barelly has any business being on an NBA roster, nevermind being a part of the rotation.

But back to the topic on hand. I was watching their game against the Nets today, and I'm pretty sure the commentator said "And the Blazers bench is finally on the board." It was midway through the third quarter.
One of the good things about Kyrie being out as we found our backup point and it isn't Donald Sloan... Pargo has been pretty solid the last couple games. I think he, Gibson, Zeller and Miles make for a better bench rotation than what we were showing earlier in the season.
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