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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by andgar923
Wade is my fav player.

I've seen plenty of Wade, probably more than anybody here. I know his game inside and out. He can do some of the things you guys claim he does, on a very limited basis, if and when he does do them.

His strengths are his speed and slashing.

When he's hot, he can get some shots off, but only when he's hot. What he does when he's hot, is the type of shit Tmac, Kobe, Melo and others did on an avg night. What made Wade special was his ability to explode and keep attacking while he was hot. Most players start taking long shots when they're hot, Wade would keep attacking.

What you say is inconsistent with his game in 2008-09 then. It makes me believe that you didn't see enough of him or you don't remember what he did that year.

You deny his pull range game and say it was inconsistent on the year he shot the best from midrange as evidence by the stats that I posted earlier in the thread. Very comparable to T-Mac's midrange game that year. Then you deny the style of play he used to have with his dribble up pull up game or his off the ball movement.

Back in that year, his mid-range was not inconsistent and he didn't just hit when he was hot either. He was almost automatic at the mid-range. Not only did he shot the most from midrange that year, his percentage was great. You can see it in almost all the basketball sites that records the % made/miss of which player shoot. His numbers was very comparable to T-Mac's 2002-03 year. It's actually better in the 10-15 feet. We can check it out now since we have the stats of how well they do from the mid-range game now. I wouldn't be surprise if Wade got most of his points from the midrange game back then. I haven't checked, but he took the most attempts from the midrange that year than any other season. And his % was very good.

Stats back up Wade's good mid-range game, but watching him play to see how he got them is another too. He did came off of curls and iso take a couple of dribbles and pull up into the defender face. He iso'd a whole lot more than he did the curls, and you say didn't do any of that stuff. I don't know what else to tell you other than he did.

I do agree T-Mac is better off the ball and is the better shooter overall though.

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