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Default Re: GT: Celtics (7-6) @ Magic (5-7) 6 PM EST

Rondo to me is playing toward making his stats pretty. I honestly think he keeps count of the times hes under 50% fg.

This team is a funny team, they suck in 1st quarters get decent in 2nd quarters, Dominate 3rd quarters, than let the teams back in 4th quarter.

PP has started like 3-9 several times to finish with 50% fg and 20-25 points.
KG isnt really posting up but I honestly dont expect him to rev up until January.

I hope we get to see more PP KG pick n rolls. THey used to do this a lot 2008-2010. I feel like Doc gives Rondo a lil too much control at times. We drive n kick and hit bricks. That KG PP pick n roll has always been effective and honestly we lose the game tonight if it werent for KG and PP playing allstar level
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