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Default Re: on ball perimeter defense: the most unappreciated aspect of basketball stat geeks

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin

one of the greatest to ever do it. constantly disrespected. constantly overlooked. constantly underrated.

there is rarely a stat for it. it is measured by watching games. there isn't always a steal. there isn't always a block. but theres always great foot work.

the most unappreciated kind of defender. it requires more talent than a big man due to handchecking rules being 100 times more constant on the perimeter

just watch the video and understand why he has 9 first team all defensive awards. the most in nba history

LOL the most overrated defender of all time.

Funny you mention it, but even the very first play of the video Van Gundy states that when "he wants too" he's a great defender. I don't deny that, but he doesn't want too often enough, and his lack of interest and mistakes outweigh his moment of brief intensity. There's also a flip side to his brief encounter with wanting to play defense, and that's him getting beat due to his aggressiveness. It's almost comical whenever he stares and makes those stupid faces and then gets beat with ease due to his overzealousness.
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