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Default Re: Teams with bad situations long term

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
The Nets. Their core is already locked in place, and Deron Williams, the only All-Star out of them, isn't getting any better. Joe Johnson with his max deal is a 16-3-3 role player, and Lopez is good for 20ppg but can't rebound or play defense.

That team is already maxing out its ceiling and that ceiling is a first round loser. Bad news is, no way to blow it up until Johnson is gone, and by that point they'll probably have to trade an unhappy Deron Williams who just wasted some of his prime years.

I completely forgot about the nets. They are in a crappy situation 3 years from now. THey will have an overpaid chucker in Johnson, An aging Gerald Wallace, and a Deron Williams who will not be old but certainly hit toward the downslope career wise. I can't think of any player they can nurture and make a center piece in 2-3 years. I like Marshons game but dont think he will be anything more than a Nick Young type guard.
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