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Default Re: Teams with bad situations long term

Originally Posted by PP34Deuce
As much of a Boston fan as I am, This team falls under bad situation long term...

When Terry,PP,KG expire off their 3 year contracts...Plenty of cap space but no telling who you can get in 2015

Rondo and Green will be 29. Neither player is built for a rebuilding effort.

Bos will be good enough to be 6-8th seed at the least. Never get a high draft pick.

I just feel our future is very bleak after 2-3 years. No great young prospects except Bradley and maybe Sullinger if he progresses.( Can see him as a poor mans David West.)

Agreed, in all honestly i would like to see Rondo traded when PP & KG retire so that reasonable value can be gained unless decent free agents can be attracted
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