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Default Re: NBA Forum Posting activity -top posters-

Originally Posted by millwad
Yes, I'm online as much as you but the difference is that I've written 5 000 posts since 2007, you have had stretches when you have written 5 000 posts in 4 weeks.

Sure, I am online just as much as you..

You misunderstood me. You have followed people around is what I said but you aren't on anywhere as much as Brandon. Besides guys you can read ISH all day and that still takes as much time as it does to post. A better stat would be how long per day people are actively online.

Millwad you've actually been pretty damn low key lately. I just meant following as in don't like somebody and go into their threads and bag on them which you used to do often. Brandon is now the main guy who's following me around like a spurned female I had a one night stand with in every thread.

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