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Default Re: NBA Forum Posting activity -top posters-

Originally Posted by clipps
This thread is not even basketball related, peanut. But my question is still on topic.

-this guy posts a lot in multiple forums(2 for sure, could be more)
-how does this guy post a lot? How does this guy have the time to post a lot despite working 55-60 hrs a week?

I'm a server/bartender at a pizza pub. Not the best career. Not impressive at all but it's working for me.

Btw, you can't even get into the military with a 20, Peanut. Nice try but I sensed the effort. Good job buddy.

Actually you can retake it. I scored a 93 and didn't have to but my infantry buddy had to retake (he's about as intelligent as you). Again I have zero reason to lie about things like having a GF or working 55 plus. For one Millwad has posted pics of me and my GF I live with of 3 years and secondly a couple guys on ISH also work the same job as me and know I'm legit with it. Ask Anti Hero if I would know so much about the details of the job if I didn't work there.

Bottom line is you're exposing yourself as ignorant just to somehow try to prove I'm a loser when everything I claim can easily be verified. Even if you look at my recent post habits you can figure out my work schedule. I mean you guys may as well considering how much you care about what I do with my time. I'm off at 6 PM every night so despite 10 and 11 hour shifts I have time to post obviously.
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