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Default Re: Teams with bad situations long term

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory

In three years they will have an aging Tony Parker, budding prime Kawhi Leonard, prime Danny Green, and what else?

Duncan gone. Ginobili gone. Their vets (Diaw, Jax) will have retired or moved on.

Most importantly, Pop will probably be retired.

That's a lottery team in a small market with basically one player to build around who might not even be an allstar talent (Lenoard). A late lottery with Parker playing for a couple more seasons. Which is worse.

I wouldn't worry about SA's situation. If there is anything they do well is manage their financial situation - almost to the exclusion of winning championships - not getting the required talent because they're so fiscally responsible.

They have been an elite team for so long that one takes it for granted. True, Duncan is a once-in-a-lifetime player and they got lucky with Parker and Manu. But their scouting is superb (see, trading George Hill to get a bigger, longer, stronger, CHEAPER Leonard). They might not be competing for championships after TD, TP and Manu but they'll be alright with Leonard, Green, Splitter and a few good draft picks once they suck. They don't have anyone with a bad contract (unless you count Bonner). I'm just going to enjoy these last 3 years of TD's career.

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