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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by notatop29pg
Yeah Blakes got plenty of time... I just don't see him putting himself in the right position enough. Yeah he can dribble ok, but they've got Crawford for that. The starting 5 need to all be threats in a team offense. If he gets in a good spot (not just for lobs) he'll get plenty of ball. It's not all on Blake mind you.. But his lack of confidence is extremely obvious out there IMO, not sure why either.

We've already agreed on this though. Blake has had way too many times this year where he's passing too much and not attacking. That being said the last 2-3 games it's improved. Last game he had 22/11/7 in about 30 minutes and was aggressive from the start having 19 at the half. Then the team stopped feeding him which is what I'm complaining about.
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