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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by notatop29pg
He'll get as much ball as he wants when he's not a liability at the line. It's just too easy to take him out of the game that way. So many games were lost last season that would have been won with 70% from the line rather than 60%.

On a side note... How long do you think G.Hill will last with the Clippers? He never looks to pleased with what he sees out there. I think some of the clippers knuckleheads will drive him insane..

Hill will likely retire after this year or next.. and he interviewed the other night saying he loved what he's seen from the team . His free throw shooting is up about 10 percent from last year and will keep improving. It's still an issue but not rare for bigs used to bullying in the paint to be poor free throw shooters the first few years of their career.
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