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Default Re: Trade Idea Por/LAc

Originally Posted by TexasBloodMoney

I want no part of Blake Griffin or Odom (even though his contract is expiring). I love Bledsoe but the Blazers already have Lillard, who at the moment is the better player.

Wes > Butler

LMA is on a great contract considering he's one of the best PFs in the league (I don't care where you rank him, 11 million a year is a good deal). Batum makes around the same but so far this year he's averaging around 20 a game with good D. So I'm glad he's working out.
And the 2 picks would be in the late twenties, so they're not that enticing.

So...........F that trade.

I like the pieces in place. They just need to put together a decent bench next year.

Aldridge only makes 11 a year? I thought he made like 14-15... in that case I agree Portland loses on this deal a bit. Although Griffin could become a top 3-5 player in his prime, something Aldridge won't touch.
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