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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by notatop29pg
Fancy a pg passing to a %90 free throw shooter over a 50% shooter down the stretch. Insanity. Even Vinny was benching Blake down the stretch last year.

Blake is as indecisive as Paul is passive. I reckon Blake hits 90% of his shots when he puts them up in rhythm. It's not Paul's fault Blake freezes half the time. Butler does it too... "Open 3... Pump fake, drive/travel/contested brick.

Another perpetuated myth. Blake Griffin was NEVER benched down the stretch in 4th quarters. Only in the playoffs when he was injured and physically couldn't give more than 80 percent. Griffin was the highest impact Clipper last year in terms of on and off court differential. The Clippers went to shit whenever he came out of games.

He's getting out of this passive streak already and it doesn't change the fact that he needs more shots and more touches.
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