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Default Re: Chris Paul is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Who do you think is responsible to get him the ball in the 4th? CP3. Coach is yelling at him to get Griffin the ball every game yet instead he's taking bad shots or deferring to Crawford and Butler. The team needs to get it through their heads that we don't have enough pure shooters to be a perimeter team. Our bread and butter should be Griffin. Griffin doesn't help the situation by passing so much but they need to feed right back to him and MAKE him have to score.

I agree every superstar gets to have a bad month here or there but this was supposed to be the year of no excuse for CP3. Mostly healthy, LOADED squad next to him, more time to mesh etc.

I sightly disagree. I watched a few of Clippers this year where CP3 would give him the ball. Griffin had a few open shots too or he can drive in for the dunk and get a foul. Instead he is looking to pass. But you are right that they don't really give him the ball that much in the 4th either. They should.

The Clippers won't get far unless Griffin is their focal point on offense. They should go inside and then out. I think they are fine with CP3 or Crawford closing games when they are hot or making a play, but Griffin should get the ball and score more in the 4th than he has been.

Originally Posted by Gotterdammerung
False. Griffin doesn't have the mature game you imagine him to have. Fantasy basketball doesn't get wins.

I disagree here. While I agree he doesn't have a mature game, the Clippers are at their best if they go inside and out with Griffin. The reason why is because he is a good passer and he could create for his teammates and they have a better of scoring with him attacking the basket than a jumpshot. Whenever they do have as the focal point in the offense, they look more fluid and better on offense than not. It was the same last year too. But CP3 was better at closing last year so far.

But no question that CP3 impact>Griffin's impact.
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