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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by LoneyROY7
Wade averaged 30.2 ppg with 7.5 apg on 49.1 percent shooting in 08-09. Let's compare this to T-Mac's peak of 32.1 ppg with 5.5 apg on 45.7 percent shooting.

Wade was a better distributor at 2 more spg clip and he scored 2 less ppg, BUT did it at 3.4 percent more efficient clip...but offensively, it isn't close?

SMFH. Some people.

Did you even watch Tmac play or are you just looking up stats?

Wade can't even come off curls, can't go left, post on either side of the block, can't hit you with the 1,2 dribble pull up, etc.etc. etc.

Tmac also shot more 3pointers than Wade, and not necessarily because he was Kobe dumb, but because the defense harassed him like no player since MJ. He'd get doubled and triple teamed more frequently, than any player today, and he didn't have help to take away the pressure.

Tmac's height also helped him as a passer, he gave teams mismatch problems that Wade doesn't. Reason why he didn't average more assists is because he actually din't run point forward like Bron. His system was different, he played differently, but in the moments he did run the offense, he was just as good as Bron, setting up teammates, finding open men, making pin point laser like passes and he was just as willing/unselfish as Bron as well.

Kinda easy to dismiss Tmac now, but I remember even Riley saying how he was the closest to MJ at one point (or something similar).
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