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Default Re: Celtics are just taking it easy for now

Originally Posted by Heavincent
They get up for big games against great teams. I watch a lot of Celtics games (live on the East coast), and this is the way they've been for years. They play down to their competition.
It pisses me off. It happens when they're blowing teams out and allow them to climb their way back in games and sometimes they just say eff it and don't even bother to show up for some games. In many ways I think that's the reason why some people don't respect them. How can you go from getting blown out by the Pistons to blowing out one of the best teams in the league 2 games later? It's hard to gauge a team who doesn't win games they're supposed to win.

Speaking of games, why does it seem like there are less televised games this year? The TV schedule has sucked so far.
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