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Default Re: ClippersFan86 is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Gotterdammerung
False. Griffin doesn't have the mature game you imagine him to have. Fantasy basketball doesn't get wins.

Exactly where is "get it done" in your cloud-cuckoo land, when it has gotten them 1st place in the Pacific so far? It's true that Butler isn't himself or he shouldn't be starting ahead of Barnes at this point.

Teams have been siccin' their best wing defender on Chris Paul: Sefolosha in the Thunder game, LBJ in the Heat game, and Leonard in the Spurs game. This is the best method to negate Paul, and the pick-n-roll plays.

It looks more like a bad stretch than anything else.

Didn't say Griffin has a mature game but when the offense runs through him and he's aggressive the team is easily at it's best. It's very common for Griffin to have 15+ in the first half... yet the team inexplicably stops going to him in the second half and turns into a 3 point bombing team. Maybe it's teams adjusting after halftime but it's stupid that the team doesn't stick to it's guns and CP3 is a root problem of the scheme.

Please don't be a sheep and say stupid sh** like "they are at the top of the Pacific". It's the weakest division in the NBA arguably. Warriors are only a HALF game behind the Clippers and the Lakers are a newly formed team yet to find it's groove. Before you know it the Clippers can easily be 3rd within a week or two if they don't fix these issues NOW.

Teams have been putting their best defenders on superstars since the inception of the NBA and it's no excuse. CP3 is talented and smart enough to beat longer, good defenders. He's making poor decisions PERIOD. Deferring to Jamal Crawford and Caron Butler for deep 3's? COMON DUDE. He must be held accountable. I'm not about to protect him even if he's the superstar on the team.
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