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Default Re: ClippersFan86 is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
He's not doing that though. He's had a full season with Griffin and STILL isn't utilizing him the way he should. Clippers offense is at it's best when Griffin is getting the ball often.
False. Griffin doesn't have the mature game you imagine him to have. Fantasy basketball doesn't get wins.

Passing to the wing players like Butler+Crawford isn't going to get it done. This team is not made to be a jump shooting team yet that's what CP3's creating lately.
Exactly where is "get it done" in your cloud-cuckoo land, when it has gotten them 1st place in the Pacific so far? It's true that Butler isn't himself or he shouldn't be starting ahead of Barnes at this point.

Last year when they actually PNR'd they were unstoppable at times yet what do they do? Stop PNR entirely this year. SMH....

Teams have been siccin' their best wing defender on Chris Paul: Sefolosha in the Thunder game, LBJ in the Heat game, and Leonard in the Spurs game. This is the best method to negate Paul, and the pick-n-roll plays.

It looks more like a bad stretch than anything else.
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