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Default Re: Trade Idea Por/LAc

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Nah Portland don't need Bledsoe they got Lillard, Lamarcus has had a crap start but hes every bit as good as Blake and Batum is 10 times the player Caron is at this point in time, Wes is good and Lamar has reached bum status. Trade doesn't make sense for Portland imo.

Aldridge has never been better than Griffin which is funny considering Griffin's only played 2 seasons and Aldridge has played 5 or 6. Aldridge may be more refined but Griffin's all around impact and production is superior. What's scary is Aldridge is in his prime, Griffin is nowhere near it.

I think you guys make trade threads and simply factor in raw talent rather than thinking like a GM. Griffin is younger, has more upside and is already better. Not to mention he's locked up for 6 years. Bledsoe at his small contract and with his upside is more valuable than 13 mill a year Batum. Only aspect Clippers win in this trade is Batum for Odom+Butler+2 1st rounders.
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