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Default Re: ClippersFan86 is starting to test my patience

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Not sure why you can't just disagree rather than make a full blown troll post while accusing me of trolling. You definitely made your point here! . Funny thing is... I defend all the players and I'm the most bias homer... but the minute I criticize one I get ripped apart anyways for trolling? Doesn't make any sense at all but can't say I'm surprised.

If anything the fact that I can separate players from my loyalty to the team should get me respect rather than criticism. I care about what's best for the TEAM and always have.

I enjoy parodies and satires.

Seriously, it is a long season and clearly you're missing the forest for the trees.

Chris Paul has to develop chemistry as the point guard. He has to feed the ball to certain guys to get them going, so they will play inspired defense. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are young guys who need to be led around the nose on the court.

He can't just callously gun like Kobe.

Read a few books on how point guards operate the game - they're not exactly trying to win the game with each play. The bigger picture is to develop a strong contender that can win in the playoffs, and your homerism is preventing you from seeing that.
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