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Default Re: Vote for the Top 10 Defensive Players in NBA History

Originally Posted by DatAsh
88-92' probably had more to do with Jordan's defense than it did Pippen's - especially 88'. He was the defensive floor general and the team's best defender up until that point. 94' and 95' are arguably the two most impressive defensive seasons by a perimeter player ever though.

Agreed on all counts.

We also need to take into account the help that each player had. Pippen certainly had a lot of help early on with Jordan/Grant, and then later on with Jordan/Rodman/Harper, but Ewing probably still had the better end of that deal. Some of those Knicks teams had solid to great defenders at virtually every position.

Also true.

So given my criteria then, perhaps I should bump him down into the final tier. I also need to reevaluate Ben Wallace's impact, and decide what to do about Rodman.

BTW what are your thoughts on Kareem/Walton?
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