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Default Re: on ball perimeter defense: the most unappreciated aspect of basketball stat geeks

Originally Posted by Yao Ming's Foot
I'll make sure to rewatch it again to see if 13 min a game player who at best held his opposition to as terrible of shooting percentages as he himself put up was the main reason for the teams victory.

lol where did I say any of that I said that the limited mins Linsdey played on Kobe thats the best I have seen anyone ever defend him in any period of time. That the the only time I have seen Kobe look lost and actually trying to get rid of the ball cause he couldn't do anything with it. Prince, Rip, Ben Sheed, Billups were the reason they won.

My point was the best single act of perimeter defense I have seen was Hunter on Bryant during the Finals not that Hunter was the best or that he won them the title.
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