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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

CP3 is trying to turn Blake into David West 2.0 and that's not his game.
Then he should change his game.

Rajon Rondo turned the entire Celtics Big 3 into spot shooters. (This is an overly strong statement; but Rondo controlled the offense more than any of those 3 guys who were better than him for at least the first couple years.) That wasn't any of their games, but they won a championship. The Clippers' problem is not Chris Paul being such a great point guard that Blake Griffin can't play isolation spot-up ball all the time. Their problem is that Griffin isn't watching 10 hours of Karl Malone footage a week and adjusting his game accordingly. There's no reason he couldn't. Malone had the easiest job in the world: catch great pass from Stockton, and do one of 3 things.

Another problem of the Clippers is the staggering mediocrity of their wing players. No team with Jamal Crawford will ever be serious. Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups are the exact same player, and Billups is no 2, and Caron does nothing well, nothing poorly. Support wing players should be at least two of the following 3 things: slashers, defenders, spot-up shooters. Or, they have to be all-stars, or close to it. Middling guys without great role-player credentials never win titles in prominent roles. You never see the top teams seek out guys like that. The Spurs did once; remember how the Richard Jefferson experiment went? Type of guy who simply cannot be of any use to a great team.

Blake simply has to become a pick and pop, and pick and roll player. He has to change. He might have an easier time being a 25/12 guy if he's given control of the offense, but there is a 0% chance of the Clippers winning a title with him leading them. Paul on the other hand can lead a championship team.
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