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Default Re: Peak Dwyane Wade vs Peak Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
No, which sort of puts them on equal footing.

I don't know what really gives Dwyane Wade the clear edge deserving of trust in the playoffs. He's had more shots in the postseason with a better team surrounding him.

McGrady was dynomite in 2005 when he finally joined a good team. He thoroughly outplayed Dirk on both ends of the floor, but Yao was fatigued and the roleplayers were nonexistent.

After that postseason, he was pretty much on a seesaw of bad health with Yao and never really got aligned to make a cohesive push.

Wade had the benefit of more appearances with solid help.

Yeah, I think it's close as well, but I believe that Wade's defensive edge and closing/clutch ability gives him the advantage.

You can say that he's had more appearances due to solid help, but you can't take away what he's done with those opportunities. And that's lead a team to a championship as the main cog/alpha-dog.

We'll never know what T-Mac could've done at his peak w/ the same help...we know Wade DID it. It's intangible/hypothetical evidence vs tangible evidence...I'll take the tangible evidence.

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