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Default Re: Teams with bad situations long term

Originally Posted by Andi
Well, I think Orlando is in bad situation talent & money wise.
They have Turkoglu for 2 years with 12mio per year. I guess they will amnesty him next year imo.
You have afflalo and harrington for 3 and 4 years for 7 mio respectively and they are not bad enough to get to playoffs but good enough to keep you out of the possible 1-3 pick imo.
Same goes for Big baby and Nelson. They are both on the 6-7 mio for 2 years i think and 3rd one is player option.
This is beyond stupid, why would Magic give Nelson that kind of money when are obviously going nowhere with this roster.
They should just concentrate on picks and developing prospects, but they are stuck in bad mediocrity for 2-3 year. Only after 2-3 years they could really rebuild.
I still don't get the Howard trade. :) Would they land more picks with Nets trade or with blockbuster trade with Lakers?

I'd agree with Orlando. A bunch of 26-27 year old guys who are playing hard but wont be anywhere. They have drafted 2 solid rookies while I think Nicholson will be a starting PF in a year. Orlando should get younger and trade players like Afflalo or Reddick for draft picks or cheap younger players they can audition.
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