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Default Re: Is Lamar Odom the most Worthless Player in the NBA?

Originally Posted by dunksby
Dude is getting paid $8,200,000 (3rd highest paid on the roster) for exactly what? Seriously why did LAC FO even sign this guy let alone showering him with millions?

They didn't sign him, they traded a superfluous asset (Williams) for him hoping he'd regain the versatility he displayed in his last stint in the City of Angels. He's an expiring contract on a team that wouldn't be enough under the cap anyways so the exact cap figure doesn't mean shit.

It was a high-reward low-risk move by the Clippers that at the time made perfect sense to everyone in the basketball world. It hasn't payed off yet but it could as the season progresses and he possibly gets his game legs under him.
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