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Default Re: Kevin Love summary....

Originally Posted by BankShot
Basic stats?? APG??? BPG???

Haters are gonna focus on what players don't do, and homers are going to overstate what they can do.

Kevin Love is an elite rebounder with shooting range beyond the three-point range, making him a very unique player in today's NBA. Last year he added an effective step-back J, but his isolation post game is still in development.

Athletically he will never be elite and his arms won't grow any longer, so basic stats like BPG will never catch any eyes. With that being said, he's 24 years old and still has plenty to learn about man- and team-defense which is far from rare for someone of his age.

Any Wolves fan with an ounce of critical thought in their brain should know that he's far from the two-way franchise player necessary for title contention, but he's absolutely a cornerstone moving forward.

End thread.

My sentiments, exactly.
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