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Default Re: Top 100 Greatest NBA Players Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by kNicKz
you would honestly rather have wade on your team over Ewing, Pierce, Nash, Kidd, Mchale, Chris Webber, and others below him on this list...? This dude is full of excuses and is falling apart at 30 years old.

Ewing ? I'm split with that, but I might take Ewing at the end of the day being the anchor of a defense and offense. It's close though.

Nash and Kidd ? Both are great point guards, but I'd take Wade over them, yes.

Pierce, McHale, and Webber ? Wade, easily.

And who are the "others" ? Even so, it's close or it's not vs Wade.

His career is far from either and he might be slowing down, but can still make a big impact in regular season games and has always been huge in the playoffs.

At his best, he was considered at the level of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, if not better than both. Great finals performer. Top 6 guard and Top 4 SG of all-time, IMO. Could more than make the case for Top 25 and I can see him above other players picked over him in this list, as well.
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