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Default Re: Kevin Love summary....

Originally Posted by FreezingTsmoove
He's very inefficient. I mean when your under .500 % every game and you take the ammount of shots he takes thats basically giving up 10, 15 free possessions every game to the opposing team. Also and then when your not a good defender at all that allows scores on those missed shots you gave up.

Lets look at his past 3 games


Thats 36 missed shots

At the free throw line he missed 12 shots

Now lets get into TO which he has 6 and fouls which he has 8

Now when we add this up all together he has 48 missed shots 8 fouls and 6 turnovers with below average defense

I also question his ability to get the best out of his teammates. I have not liked what I have seen from Kevin Love

I need his overall, 5 year condensed avg's. I'm in a debate with some Kevin Love nut hugger. He'll say something like, "its only been 3 games!" I'm saying, I'd rather have Aldridge or Z-bo any day of the week.

Edit: I already told his stupid ass about his 3 game numbers. Just a stubborn Love nut hugger.
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