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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
lmao people really don't watch basketball games. op is going out of his way to make the worst poster in ish history look intelligent. i've seen 98% of blake's nba career. 3rd year blake is significantly better than rookie blake. rookie blake put up really nice numbers because he was one of two players who could do anything on a terrible team. all of his points came through dunks off a fast break or pick n roll or just experimentation. his defense didn't existent at all for the past two seasons. jj hickson could kill him for 10 straight plays by just running a pick n roll because blake still didn't know how to defend it. rookie blake would not even attempt to block any shots or stop any guys around the hoop (mostly because he was afraid of getting in foul trouble but also because he didn't know how to really do it). 3rd year blake has a consistent jump shot, is almost always decisive in the post, can guard his man solidly and his team defense is pretty good now too. he's a much much better player. and we haven't really gotten a chance to see what he can do in late game situations yet because either clippers have blown out the team, or are down and cp3 is trying really hard to get them back in the game.

The day I rep Al Thornton has finally come after 2 years of negging him. Well done AT.
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