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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by outbreak
I don't see them winning now, but you don't trade blake while he's still developing. If by the end of his deal he's still not winning you anything then you look to move him. But choosing Blake over CP3 is retarded. Did you see the hornets lakers series where CP3 had noone else on the team and still managed to make it competetive? He's a guy you can build around for a championship if done right, to be honest at the moment Blake isn't.

What I'm about to say isn't specifically directed at you but it's mostly relevant because a lot of people keep degrading Griffin while boosting CP3's value.

I hate to be forced to the anti CP3 spectrum but like many of them have pointed out what has CP3 done in his career? He's a perennial first round exit besides one season in New Orleans and one season now with the CLIPPERS AND BLAKE GRIFFIN. So it's stupid to act like he's proven you can contend for a championship with him when he hasn't been there.

Blake had one rookie year, didn't go far and people act like dude isn't shit. CP3 is in his 8th season so of course he's more proven and more valuable. Griffin is still raw.
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