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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by dunksby
Bledsoe used to be more of an only defense kinda guy but this season he has picked up his scoring and has been efficient at it averaging 10.5ppg on 50.5 FG% 35.7pt% 85.7FT% all huge upgrades while only averaging 7+ minutes. He has improved on all other parts of his game too. He is among the very few that have delivered on their promise of breaking out.

I agree his offense has improved more than people credit him for. His PER 36 is 20 ppg so obviously he's scoring more (it was PER 36 of 10.2 ppg last year!). Sure he still has his turnover issues like most athletic guards who get out of control but his passing, scoring, rebounding, efficiency, steals and blocks are all up.
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