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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by Asiantastic
CP3 is the main reason why this team is good. Just look at the Clippers' record with CP3 as the main man, as opposed to Griffin as the main man.

CP3 makes things happen. Griffin doesn't.

You just don't like CP3 cause he's taking minutes from your beloved Bledsoe.

Again Griffin has more expectations than any player in NBA history from some people. He didn't turn the team around in his rookie year, therefor somehow proved he CAN NEVER be that guy. . BTW I love Bledsoe but quite frankly you have zero clue what you're talking about. My argument has been for Bledsoe to start at the 2 WITH CP3 not at the 1, so pull your head out of your ass.

Until CP3 signs a max deal he's a rental in my eyes. I haven't let myself get too attached for obvious reasons. I think he will sign but unless he learns to use his teammates more efficiently I'm wondering if it's a good idea to max him for 21 mill a year. Remember before CP3 got here Blake changed the franchise. Players including CP3 started wanting to come here to play with BLAKE.

People act like CP3 made this franchise but Griffin is the true franchise changer and catalyst. I have no doubt that within 3 years without CP3 Griffin would have been able to carry this team to the playoffs. Having two superstars in the future potential is HUGE and neither will go far doing it alone but people need to stop disrespecting Griffin and acting like CP3 came in and made this team. Clippers added a ton more than CP3 last year.
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